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Welcome To Welcome Catering

Welcome Catering committed to giving outstanding vegetarian and non-vegetarian catering services in accordance with client requests. We have distinctive and regal South and North Indian delights in addition to a variety of cuisines. Provided in a distinctive manner, we meet all of the clients' needs within their budget without sacrificing the level of quality or service. Our goal is to create an amazing experience for your nuptials and special occasions. Every little detail, attentive service, and delicious yet hygienic cuisine are of utmost importance to us when providing our services.With a wealth of experience, Shri Aaraa Catering offers the greatest outdoor catering services in the Andipatti Theni District. With years of expertise and a creative approach to organizing weddings, parties, and business gatherings, we take pride in offering the most excellent catering services.

Why Us?

  • Hassle free experience
  • Timely service & right quantity
  • Catering service for any occasion
  • Flexible menu options


We deliver timely distribution of food and drinks to your guests for your important events. Our experience will help you to plan the menu that suits your budget. Our chefs will prepare of quality food that is healthy, hygienic and tasty. Our team will ensure timely delivery and satisfied distribution. We are fully equipped and experienced to prepare the following cuisines.
  • Personal Events
  • Birthday Party
  • Engagement party
  • Wedding party
  • Private dinners
  • House warming ceremonies
  • Memorial services Meetings
  • Institutional Events
  • Inauguration functions
  • Corporate events and meetings
  • Sports events
  • Political meetings
  • Get togethers / Picnics
  • Welcoming/Promotion/Transfer or Retirement party
  • Temple, Church and religious festivals and functions

Finest Cuisines

  • Southindian Food
  • Chettinad Food
  • Vegetarian Food
  • Non-Veg Food
  • North Indian Food
  • Soup
  • Sweets


Our Menu Below
  • சுவீட் வகைகள்
  • இரவு டிபன் வகைகள்
  • சட்னி வகைகள்
  • இரவு பால் வகைகள்
  • காலை டிபன் வகைகள்
  • ஸ்பெஷல் வகைகள்
  • காலை பால் வகைகள்
  • மதியம் சாப்பாடு
  • அப்பளம் வகைகள்
  • ஊருகாய் வகைகள்
  • 65 வகைகள்
  • வளைகாப்பு சாதம்
  • பாயசம் வகைகள்
  • மதிய சாப்பாடு
  • டிபன் குருமா வகைகள்
  • காய் வகைகள்
  • மாலை டிபன் வகைகள்

Our Specials

  • Food from our chefs will keep the tastes lingering in your mind forever.
  • provides catering for all occasions.
  • We also expect to call us as the best Outdoor Caterers because we serve all the renowned areas of the city.


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