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100% Pure organic products with affordable price


Every human being wants to lead a healthy life in the society, since health is wealth. Health is the state of physically and mentally wellbeing. If mind disturbed, it cause unwanted consequences in the body, in order to prevent it. Everyone should be insisted to make their mind in steady state. Unless, they cannot accomplish their basic needs of life, exclusively earning money.Although the person is financially sound, better to live in the society with mentally solace and free of disease. In order to maintain healthy life, everyone should follow the medicinally valuable herbal food as medicine, to be free of disease.

Why Us?

  • Cultivating food the organic way
  • Non-Toxic Food
  • No chemicals
  • No unnatural fertilizers or pesticides


  • Millets
  • Pulses
  • Grains / பயறு வகைகள்
  • Nattu Sakkarai
  • Palm Jaggery / Panai Vellam
  • Rock Salt
  • Coldpress Oil
  • Flours

Beauty Care

  • Neem Shampoo
  • Shower Gel
  • Hair Oil
  • Goat Milk Aloevera Herbal Soap
  • Herbal Tooth Paste
  • Herbal Tooth Powder
  • Magnetised Spirulina Hair Oil
  • Saffron Aloevera Soap


  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Head ache Balm
  • Heal Spray
  • Sukku Thylam (Nosil Drops)
  • Eye Drops (Rose Theenir)
  • Joint Pain Oil
  • Ultra-Pure Washing Powder
  • Glass Cleaner Liquid
  • Ultra Wash Washing Liquid
  • Hand Wash

Our Specials

Providing the best organic products to our esteemed customers.
Promote health through organic food products.

We Deal

  • Organic Products
  • Beauty Care Products
  • Skin Care Products


Unilayaa Iyarkai Angadi
Unilayaa Iyarkai Angadi


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