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---- Energy Saving Solutions ----

Office: 13w,Cumbum Road,Karumaripuram,K.K.Patti

House:Ramugounder Street,Kamayagoundenpatty - 625521.Cumbum

சோலார் இன்டலேசன் & சர்வீஸ் :: ஆப் கிரிட் & ஆன் கிரிட் ஒர்க் :: இன் ஜினியரிங் ஒர்க்ஸ் :: கன்ஸ்ட்ரக்ஸன் ஒர்க்ஸ் :: கார் வாசிங் :: பெய்ன்டிங் ஒர்க்ஸ் :: பவர் லான்ரி சர்வீஸ் :: டென்ட் ஒர்க்ஸ் :: UPS சர்வீஸ்

Solar Energy Power & Wind Energy Power Installation & Service


NBKSI Solar Systems - Solar power energy Installer for homes, schools & colleges in all over Tamil Nadu. NBKSI Solar Systems was started by group of Individuals who has extensive experience in field of solar energy and installation.We started in-order to meet the scarcity of electricity in our country and increasing power rates. We follow Green Technology to make India an energy sufficient country. Our vision is to provide cost-effective, sustainable energy solutions that save energy and to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.


  • Solar Installation
  • Solar Engineering
  • Solar Maintenance
  • Solar Manpower Solutions
  • Solar Testing & Commissioning


  • Solar Battery
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Panel
  • Solar PCU
  • Solar Rooftop Systems
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Solar Water Pumps


  • Affordable solution to overcome the electricity shortage
  • Hassle free operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Zero operational cost
  • Periodic follow-up and maintenance from our team of service engineers
  • Reduced cost of electricity
  • One time investment catering to power needs for a few decades
  • 24 / 7 electricity supply through Solar inverters
  • Customized products for varied needs

Where To Use

Solar Solution for Home: Independent House, Bungalows, Apartments, Gated Community Flats, Residential complex, Guest House, Villas & Farm House.
Solar Solution for Educational Institutions: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Training Centers, Auditorium, Hostel & Computer Labs
Solar Solution for Commercial: Hotels, Government Offices, Corporate Offices, Shopping Malls, Marriage Halls, Restaurants, Beach Resorts, Coffee Shops, Commercial Complexes, Jewellery Shops, Textile Shops, Lodges, Banks, ATM, Petrol Bunks & & IT Companies
Solar Solution for Industries: Small Scale Industries, Large Scale Industries, Factories, Factory Car Parking Shed, Rice Mill, Cotton Mills, Paper Mills
Solar Solution for Agriculture: Solar Surface Water pumps, Solar Submersible Water pumps

Additional Details

  • Ups service
  • Engineering Works
  • Construction
  • Car Washing
  • Painting Works
  • Sai Tent House
  • Sai Bright Power Laundry
  • Construction Lift Hire

Our Special

  • Our main aim on all our project is to save the nature
  • To provide quality products and solutions with cost effectiveness
  • Timely delivery and total customer satisfaction to achieve the Goal
  • Solar Roof Top Power Plants - On Grid / Off Grid
  • Solar Thermal Plants


We Deal

  • Solar Power Systems
  • Solar Panel

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