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Barani Aquarium provides quality Imported Ornamental fishes like Flowerhorns, Arowanas, Discus fishes and many varieties of fishes as per buyers recruitment ,We also deal in Fish foods , medicines and other essential Accessories for Aquarium , Supplied all over Theni & Tamilnadu in Wholesale & Retail.
Our Another Aquarium Shop in Near State Bank Of India,Chinnamanur,Theni

Aquarium Varieties

  • Marine Aquairum
  • Artificial Planted Aquarium
  • Customized Aquarium
  • Flooring Aquarium
  • Natural Planted Aquarium
  • Pond Aquarium
  • Rock Setting Aquarium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Vastu Aquarium
  • Spa Aquarium
  • DeskTop Aquarium
  • Theam Park Aquarium

Aquarium Style

  • Acrylic Aquarium
  • Coffee Table Aquarium
  • Commercial Aquarium
  • Floor Aquarium
  • Hospital Aquarium
  • Hotel Aquarium
  • Marine Aquarium
  • Office Aquarium
  • Planted Aquarium
  • Plasma Aquarium
  • Reception Aquarium
  • Residential Aquarium
  • See Through Aquarium
  • Vasthu Aquarium


  • Air Accessories
  • Aquarium Plantes
  • Bio-Logical Filter
  • Canister Filter
  • Chiller
  • Drift Wood
  • Fish Net
  • Hang On Filters
  • Heater
  • Lightings
  • Magnetic Cleaner
  • Pond Filters
  • Submersible Filters
  • Top Filters
  • Toys and Stones


Whatever we have in home or office it needs looking after,Its the same with aquariums, they too require maintenance. Maintaining the aquarium is not just about cleaning viewing glasses and the rest. It is also about ensuring that the system continues to work as your whole had designed.

Additional Details

Fish Varieties
  • Arowana
  • Chichlet
  • Discus
  • Fighter
  • Flower Horn
  • Gold Fish
  • Koi Carp
  • Tetra
Fish Foods
  • Fish foods
  • Vacation Food
  • Medicated Fish Food
  • Frozen Fish Food
We also deal Pet Cages
Love Birds
Imported Fish Tank

Our Specials

We provide full aquarium setting anywhere in All over tamilnadu.
We provide a colourful and diverse aquarium display wherever you need.
We make it easy to shop and find what you need.
Our prices do apply based upon the design and project specifications.
Our Designing will stand out from other Aquarist.
Our great customer services make us stand out among the competition.

We Deal

  • Imported Fish Tank
  • Love Birds Cage
  • Love Birds
  • Flowerhorm Fish


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