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You've come to the correct place if you want to enjoy the best online birthday, wedding, or anniversary cake purchasing in Theni. The Cake Art is the best place to buy any kind of cake. Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, surprise cakes, adult cakes, fancy cakes, theme cakes, fondant cakes, cakes for kids, half birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, valentines day cakes, heart cakes, customized cakes, pinata cakes, bomb cakes, customized cakes, 2 tier cakes, 3 tier cakes, designer cakes, door delivery popular cakes. The best cake with the best ingredients, one that is safe for your health and stomach, needs to be purchased right away. It's time to rethink what you think of cake as being. Anything may be customized, including flavors, colors, and designs.You may find the newest designed cakes from top worldwide bakeries at our The Cake Art store. From the convenience of your home, you may shop online at The Cake Art Theni and have your favorite cakes delivered straight to your door.

Why Us?

  • The most spectacular cake shop
  • flavors & tastes at unbeatable price
  • Wide range of best tasting cake varieties
  • Our cakes chiefly stand for superior quality


  • Pineapple Cakes
  • Kitkat cakes
  • Special Flavours Cakes
  • Chocolate Cakes
  • Cheese cakes Cakes
  • Blueberry Cakes
  • Strawberry Cakes
  • Theme Cakes
  • Butterscotch cakes
  • Gulab Jamun Cakes
  • Double Flavours Cakes
  • Red velvet cakes
மேலும் 1000 - க்கும் மேற்பட்ட பிறந்த நாள் கேக் மாடல்களில் தங்களுக்கு விருப்பமான மாடல்களை தேர்வு செய்து கொள்ள வசதி செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது.


  • First Birthday Cakes
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Anniversary Cakes
  • Boys Birthday Cakes
  • Girls Birthday Cakes
  • Custom Cakes
  • Engagement Cakes
  • Cakes for Girlfriend
  • Cakes for Boyfriend
  • Women’s Day Cakes
  • New Year Cakes
  • Valentine’s Day Cakes


Our Premium Custom Make Cakes

Our Special

  • Our goal at Then Cake Art Theni is to provide you and your loved ones with memories that they will treasure for a very long time.

We deal

  • 2 tier cakes
  • 3 tier cakes
  • customized cakes

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  • Custom Birthday Cake
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  • Fruits Theme Cake
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