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Rajeshwari Hollow Bricks

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Seepalakottai Road,Near Forest Bungalow,Chinnamanur - 625515.

Precast Concrete Boundary Walls Manufacturers

Welcome To Rajeshwari Hollow Bricks

RAJESHWARI HOLLOW BLOCK INDUSTRY is the Manufacturers of Ready Made Compound walls & Hollow Blocks.We are the leading supplier of Quality Cement Hollow blocks & Ready Made Compound Walls in Chinnamanur and surrounding areas.Our main concern in the field of Manufacturing Hollow,is to maintain the Quality. We have all the necessary equipments for checking the quality.

Compound Wall

Our Company in Chinnamanur Precast Concrete Boundary walls are made from posts erected directly into the ground which have grooves to accommodate precast panels. We currently offer boundary wall systems of 6 feet to 10 feet height. The precast panels are available in various designs. Our precast panels create a classic ambience.

Why Us?

  • Vast industry experience
  • Transparent business dealings
  • Easy modes of payment
  • Commitment to high-quality products

Hollow Blocks

  • Concrete Hollow Block
  • Construction Hollow Block
  • Grey Hollow Block
  • Building Hollow Block
  • Hallow Bricks

Precast Boundary Walls

  • Ready made Compound wall
  • Boundry Wall
  • RCC Compound Wall
  • Pre cast Compound wall
  • Fencing wall
  • Designer Compound wall
The designer Walls / Panels are available in 300mm X 300mm x 50mm , post size will be 150mm X 150 mm X 3100mm .we can build compound wall various height of 6 feet/7 feet/ 8 feet from ground level.


HIGH QUALITY CONCRETE BLOCKS / Precast Compound Wall General Characteristics
  • Maintenance Free
  • Impervious to weather, water and termites
  • Permanent color
  • Effective barrier against noise and wind
  • Simple, rapid and clean installation
  • Beautiful look for a life time (elevated)

Our Special

  • We manufacture the most tensile strength blocks.
  • We have the Latest Model Power Operated Hollow Blocks Making Machine.

We Deal

  • Hollow Blocks
  • Precast Compound Wall
  • RCC Fencing Walls

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