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வாடிக்கையாளர் விருப்பத்திற்கு ஏற்றாவாறு சிமெண்ட்,மணல்,ஜல்லி,கம்பிகள் அனைத்தும் ஆய்வு செய்து அதில் தரமானவைகள் மட்டுமே கட்டிடத்திற்கு பயன் படுத்தப்படும்.


We provide planning, architecture, interior design, engineering, construction management, program management, and design-build of new buildings; as well as expansion, renovation and refurbishment of existing facilities for public and private sector clients.
we are recognized not only for design and construction excellence, but also for leadership in technology, process innovation, and sustainability. We work closely with each and every client to create buildings that provide exceptional value.

Why Us?

“Delivering happiness” by building your dream. “Quality” is the one speaks for generations, that’s what we give. “Economical and ECO – Friendly”, to blessed with nature. Engineering with future ideas to experience the life in a pleasant way to sustain peace and happiness.

Providing Services

We are experienced in identifying client needs and program requirements and changing those into responsive design solutions. We create and scrutinize floor plans and also generate structural drawings with 3D models to facilitate the client with inclusion of material changes which will benefit the project.
  • 3d elevations
  • Complete structural work
  • Construction Service
  • Home Builders
  • Residential Service
  • Restructuring work
  • Steel Design
  • structural drawing work


we offer residential and commercial Construction Projects for contract basis
  • We deal with constructing individual homes
  • constructing school building
  • constructing factory
  • constructing complex
  • Constructing apartments and villa
  • PWe build or construct with your ideas to with and fulfilment and satisfaction

Building Features

Structure: RCC framed structure with quality brick masonry made structure designed
Brick work: Used only good quality bricks outer wall : 9" brick work,Inner wall: 9" Brick Work & Partition Wall 4.5"
Plastering: Ceilings & Outer walls are rough finished sponges as the inner walls are smooth finished.
Flooring: Premium quality virtified tiles / Granite / Marble in carpet area at all rooms (Johnsons / Kajaria)
Bathroom: High end branded first quality Anti skid ceramic tiles
Electrical: Wires-Branded ISI & Fire Re tardant cable.Quality Wires (Finolex & RR Cabel),Fixtures & Switches (Indo Asian or HiFi) as per standard in concealed PVC
Plumbing: Standard PVC (Finolex) & CPVC (Finolex) for all pipelines.
Bathroom Fittings: Used Only parryware & Jaquar fittings.
Painting: One Coat of primer over two coats of Wall putty. Finalished with two coats of standard premium emulsion


  • Residential Interior Designing
  • Commercial Interior Designing
  • Armstrong False Ceiling
  • Thermocol False Ceiling
  • Exterior Design
  • Aluminium Partition
  • Designer Modular kitchen
  • Wardrobe
  • TV Unit / Bedroom Furniture


கட்டிடத் துறையில் நாங்கள் கற்றுக்கொண்ட அணுபவமும்,திறமையையும் வைத்து வாடிக்கையாளர்களுக்கு எவ்வித குழப்பமும்,குறைகளும் இல்லாதவாறு செயல்படுவதே எங்களின் சிறப்பு

  • 100% மனையடி சாஸ்திர முறை
  • தரமான பொருட்கள் மட்டும் பயன்படுத்துதல்.
  • அனுபவமிக்க வேலை ஆட்கள்
  • குறித் நேரத்தில் பணியை நிறைவேற்றுதல்

We Deal

  • Architectural Services
  • Building Contracts
  • Structural Renovation
  • Project Management

Our Special

  • The main aim of our concern is fulfil customer dream of owning prestigious home.
  • Bring innovative construction strategies continuously.
  • Follow business ethics and bring more professionalism in business.


Om Construction
Om Construction

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