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Thirupathi Silk Cotton

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Asene hussein street,Old Ice shop,Bodinayakanur - 625513,Theni District
Cotton is a Natural vegetable fibre having great economic importance as a raw material for cloth. Its widespread use is largely due to the ease with which its fibres are spun into yarns. Cottons strength, absorbency, and capacity to be washed and dyed also make it adaptable to a considerable variety of textile products.

Welcome To Thirupathi Silk Cotton

Thirupathi Silk Cotton one of the cotton commission & Wholesale agents bodinayakanur. We source and supply raw cotton of all varieties.Our clients can avail premium range of Raw Cotton Material, which is provided without seeds, dusts particles or short fibers. Available at industry leading prices we offer a wide range of Raw Cotton.We are associated with highly reputed and trusted manufacturer of raw cotton.They provide us the superior quality raw cotton, which we cater further to various Apparel Manufacturer and other industries.

100% 1st குவாலிட்டி நயம் இளவம் பஞ்சு மொத்தமாகவும் சில்லரையாகவும் கிடைக்கும்

Why Us?

  • Our natural cotton is used by most of the apparel and textile manufacturers to produce luxury garments mainly for its softness.
  • Supply on time to the clients.
  • We are one of the well known cotton suppliers in Southern India.
  • Smooth relationship with all customers.
  • At competitive price concentrating more on quality.
  • Best Cotton results in best product.


We provide Quality Silk Cotton products

  • கொட்டை பஞ்சு
  • நயம் பஞ்சு
  • கொட்டை முந்திரி
  • தேங்காய் பருப்பு
  • இளவம் பஞ்சு
  • ஏலக்காய்
  • மிளகு

We provide Best Silk Cotton Mattresses & Pillows

  • கொட்டை பஞ்சு
  • Silk Cotton Mattress ( Bed's )
  • Recron Mattress ( Bed's)
  • Hostel Bed's ( Mattress )
  • Hospital Bed's ( Mattress )
  • Residencial Bed's
  • Silk Cotton Pillow's
  • cushion sheet
Our mattresses will protect your back and help relieve stress on muscles and joints of back. Back Sleepers, Side Sleepers, Stomach sleepers and all sleepers are satisfied by our unique design.

Dry Fruits

  • DATES / பேரீட்சை
  • Almonds / பாதாம்
  • Pista / பிஸ்தா
  • Cashew Nut / முந்திரி
  • Walnuts / வால்நட்
  • Cardamom / ஏலக்காய்
  • Pepper / மிளகு
  • Biscuits
  • Chocolate

Our Special

  • Our cotton bales are remarkable for top class quality and standard.
  • We have strong team to market and supply to various customers.
  • Quality at all levels and follows a unique process of constant quality.

We Deal

  • Silk Cotton Mattresses
  • Silk Cotton Pillow
  • Ilavam Panju Sales


  • +91 - 9942073249
  • +91 - 6380587665
  • +91 - 8680887563
  • +91 - 9080873272


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