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We endeavor to take care of all our patients with excellence, value the uniqueness of each patient & Treat them with compassion, love & integrity. We at saiorthocare treat each patient with high importance and listen to their needs and put attention to their words and provides proper medication for speedy recovery.

Ortho Specialist & Sports Injuries Clinic


best famous ortho clinic in theni

A Reputed Ortho Care Clinic in Theni, taking care of people suffering from almost all Orthopadic problems related to Bones, Joints, Spine, Muscles and Ligaments.We are caring people in and around Theni district, Cumbum, Periyakulam, Bodi,Aundipatti.
Most of our treatment protocols are Simple and very cost effective. More than 90% of our Patients are treated by non-surgical methods like Plasters, Braces, Splints, Sling and Medication and essential functional recovery advises like exercises, postural advise etc. We resort to Surgical treatment only when it is very essential and only when the benefits of surgery out-weights the surgical and anaesthetic risks.
About Doctor
In Deepa Ortho Clinic orthopaedic patients are personally taken care by Dr.P.Rajeev Kumar, M.S.(Ortho) who is an experienced consultant qualified M.S.(Orthopaedic Surgery)


  • Braces & Slings
  • Fractures of Limbs
  • Knee Pain Treatment
  • Neck Pain Treatment
  • Pelvis & Spine
  • Plaster splints
  • Shoulder Pain Treatment

Additional Details

Ortho Specialist

ABHINAV ORTHO AND TRAUMA CENTRE has many reasons that make you choose as right ortho speciality hospital,need right treatment for injuries.

Orthopaedic Surgeons

The prospect of visiting orthopedic surgeons in theni may make any person nervous. It is so because everybody believes in the myth that, they suggest surgeries as soon as they find a problem.

Sports Injuries

Exercising and sports are good for you. But few accidents, poor training practices, or improper gear can cause injuries. Our specialist sports medicine doctors diagnose and treat sports injuries with precision and latest technology

Back pain Treatment

Treatment for lower back pain depends upon the patients history and the type and severity of pain. The vast majority of lower back pain patients can be treated without surgery by our specialist spine team

Our Special

  • our treatment protocols are Simple and very cost effective
  • Excellence in Orthopaedic care
  • Experience in Orthopaedic care
  • Uncompromising standards of patient care


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  • +91 - 8056695160

We Deal

  • Sports Injuries
  • Back pain Treatment
  • Shoulder pain Treatment
  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain

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