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We in our orchestra are giving special attention towards Sound Management.As nowadays Air Conditioned halls are preferred and it requires special attention towards sound quality otherwise guests in our Event will be disturbed and irritated by loud noises.They cant share anything and even speak to one another.Music should enhance the evening and it should not spoil the event.For that sake Weve specialised Digital Mixers that brings out the sound polished and perfect to ears.In that We can assure you that We are different from others and Unique.

100% Manual light & music orchestra


Amazing Music Team is a unique music group catering to anything in music, performing light music orchestra with seasoned singers or instrumentalists, be it East, West, Carnatic, Hindustani, Film Music Indian and Western and Christian Devotional music too. Amazing Music Team light music orchestra desires - to touch your soul and speak to you in that sole universal language, the language of music which is not constrained by barriers of any kind (all forms of music: Carnatic music, Light music, Light music instrumental, Folk music, Devotional music and Western music).Performing Languages - Tamil, Western, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam etc.

Why Us?

  • We are the right people for your wide choice of music requirements be it any genre.
  • Since our passion towards our profession is stronger.
  • Light Music Orchestra, Light Music Instrumental, Fusion Music, Karaokevocals or Instrumental, Carnatic, Hindustani, Light, Spiritual Sufi Music, Free Style Unplugged Indian Eastern or Western Music.
  • Think something Unique and here we are READY FOR AN INNOVATION, which keeps us always the first and the best.


    • Light Music Orchestra
    • Light Music Instrumental
    • Karaoke Vocals (Digitally Programmed Tracks)
    • Karaoke Instrumental
    • Devotional Songs
    • Wedding Events
    • Corporate Shows
    • New Year Events
    • Live Music Bands
    • Fund Raising Events
We provide you with a treat of best music - best instrumental music, best light music, best devotional music and best light music instrumental in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu & Malayalam


Orchestra with utmost dedication & discipline
Imported Audio systems, laser lightings
Quality singers with different costumes & getup according to the song
Disciplined Musicians With fashionable uniform
Cute children dance mingled with singers

Additional Details


Do - Discernible excellence of sound quality in music performance
Re - Realize the importance of time and maintain punctuality in all our events.
Mi - Music, melodious music all the way to your heart.
Fa - Friendly relationship with you, understanding your musical need.
Sol - Soul stirring music for all the age groups.
La - Latitude in offering affordable packages in all the areas of music.
Ti - Touch new horizons in music.

We Deal

  • Light music
  • Manual Orchestra

Our Special

  • We committed to providing entertainment for people of all age groups.
  • We firmly believe in quality and leave no stone unturned in our quest for music.
  • Care is our mantra and music our passion.


Amazing Music Team

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