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SKP Vehicle insurance gives you protection you need whenever you're on the move.SKP Vehicle insurance is one of the most essential types of insurance plans that meet the needs of those who own and drive vehicles.It is extremely necessary that you have SKP Vehicle insurance so that you can be protected in the event of a Vehicle accident or your Vehicle getting stolen. In exchange for the premium which you pay, the insurance company intends to pay for specific car-related financial losses during the term of the policy.

New & Old Car,Commercial அனைது வாகனங்கலுக்கும் நிதியுதவி பெற்றுத்தரப்படும்.Bank or Finance மூலம் குறைந்த வட்டிக்கு bank loan,Car loan மற்றும் அணைது காப்பீட்டு வசதியும் பெற்றுத்தரப்படும்


Car Insurance
Buy or Renew your Car Insurance Policy instantly without any paperwork
  • Buy insurance for your brand new car
  • Renew car insurance from any Insurer or renew your lapsed car policy
  • Free vehicle inspection in case of break-in insurance
  • Special Add-On covers - Cover plastic & metal parts, windshield glass
  • Claim settlement in 2 working days
Two Wheeler Insurance
Buy or Renew your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy instantly without any paperwork
  • Buy your new two wheeler Insurance
  • Renew your existing 2 Wheeler policy from another insurer
  • Coverage up to 3 Years through single policy
Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Buy or Renew your Commercial / Goods Carrying Vehicle Insurance
  • Buy / Renew your new Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Buy / Renew your Goods Carrying vehicle insurance with any insurer
  • Policy issued instantly without any paperwork
Health Insurance
We offer affordable health insurance plans with a wide range of benefits to take care of you and your family!
  • Family Health Protector Policy
  • Individual - Mediclaim
  • Individual - Senior Citizen
  • Family - Mediclaim


All insurance contracts are based on the information provided by the insured in the proposal form.

Additional Details

How to choose a Best insurance Policy
There are a large number of insurers licensed to do business in India, which means you have a wide choice of insurance providers and products. When buying insurance, ensure that you have got all the necessary information you need to find an accurate quote.
Before you purchase an insurance policy make sure you:
  • Consider the risks you may face
  • Familiarize yourself with the range of providers and products available
  • Find out if you are already covered
  • Consider any additional cover you may need
  • Check cover limits
Comparing policies
Each insurance company offers products that differ from those offered by other providers, with variations in the terms and conditions, the coverage and costs.You can approach insurance providers for quotes and ask the questions you need to understand how you will be covered by the policy. Friends and family may also offer their own recommendations. The final decision is yours.

Our Special

We are 100% committed to developing and providing reliable insurance products and services.
We process various types of car insurance for all kinds of cars.
You can enjoy the end-to-end service we provide to ensure that your insurance reaches you on time.
We give maximum discount possible.

We Deal

shriram insurance
chola ms insurance service
iffco tokio insurance

We Deal

  • All Vehicle Insurance
  • Health Insurance

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