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Also in wedding the couple wears a wedding garland.In other occasions, it is used to show respect to an individual person or statue . We are indulged in making and supplying of varieties of Garlands with different flowers & Cardamom.Customers can issue orders as per their requirement.

Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Wedding Cardamom,Flower Garladns

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Suresh Poo Kadai Flower & Cardamom Garland Shop is the leading dealer of Jasmine and other traditional flowers throughout In India,Cardamom Garlands & flower garlands have an important and traditional role in every festival, the Gods are decorated with garlands made from different fragrant flowers (often jasmine) and leaves. Both fragrant and non-fragrant flowers and religiously-significant leaves are used to make garlands to worship Hindu deities. Some of those flowers are as follows: jasmine, champanka[tuberose], lotus, lillies, ashoka, nerium/oleander, chrysanthemum, roses, hibiscus, pinwheel flowers, manoranjitam etc....
பூ மாலைகள் / ஏலக்காய் மாலைகள் உடனுக்குடன் கிடைக்கும் / கட்டியும் தரப்படும்


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  • Cardamom Garlands
  • Cardamom Flower Garland
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We can change woolen colours according to our wish.
Fresh Flower Garlands
  • Multi Color Garlands
  • TUBEROSE GARLANDS[Sampangi Malai]
  • JASMINE GARLANDS[Malligai Malai]
  • THECHI GARLAND [Arali Malai]
  • Wedding Couple Garlands
  • Red Rose Garland
  • Vadamalli Garland
  • Rose Petals Garlands
  • Marigold Garlands
  • Button Rose Garlands
  • Kajara or Kondai Malai


Fresh Flowers
  • Lotus Flower
  • Jasmine Flower
  • Rose
  • Rose Petals
  • Marigold Flowers
  • Water Lily Flower
  • Vadamalli
  • Loose Flower
  • samanthi flower
Fresh Cut Flowers
  • White Roses
  • Yellow Roses
  • gerberas flowers
  • ORANGE ROSES[Corvette Roses]

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How to keep flowers fresh after our delivery?

DO NOT keep under the running fan else the flowers will wither and wilt fast. DO not keep under the direct sunlight or near heater, oven, refrigerators etc.

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  • You get very day fresh flowers with us.
  • We Deal All Types of Loose Flowers
  • Wedding Cardamom Garland


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We Deal

  • Loose Flower
  • Cardamom Garland
  • Flower Garland
  • Kondai Malai

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