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We offer Ayurveda Treatment for Relaxation:Stress Relief: Rejuvenation:Detoxification:Weight Shedding & Ayurveda Massage etc....

Ayurveda Beauty Treatment Centre & Kerala Ayurveda Treatment


More than a medical system, Ayurveda is a way of life, a way of cooperating with Nature and living in harmony with nature. Health in Ayurveda means harmony, and there is really no end to the degree of harmony can achieve if you set yourself to the task. This method of living emphasizes prevention over cure. Some complain that Ayurveda works slowly, but slowness is often part of the remedy, especially today when many of us suffer from the disease of haste. Ayurveda balances and rejuvenates an organism, reducing its susceptibility and empowering its immunity to prevent new disease from developing. Ayurveda believes that every individual is a unique phenomenon. The individual is indivisible from the cosmos. Whatever is there in the macrocosm, the same thing exists in the microcosm. Every individual is a manifestation of cosmic consciousness.Ayurvedic Services done under supervision of certified Ayurvedic Doctor with prior consultation.

Treatment Packages

Ayurvedic Treatment (Exclusively for ladies)
  • Rejuvenation Body Massage with steam bath
  • Ayurvedic Head Oil Massage
  • Pizhichil
  • Navarakhizi
  • Udhwarthanam
  • Akshi Tarpanam
  • Kati Vasti
  • Janu Vasti

Beauty Care

Ayurvedic Beauty Care (Exclusively for ladies)
  • Mukhalepam - (3 Days face pack application)
  • Ayurvedic Pedicure
  • Ayurvedic Manicure
  • Ayurvedic Hair conditioning
  • Ayurvedic Head Oil Massage
  • Ayurvedic Henna conditioning
  • Ayurvedic Hair fall control treatment
  • Ayurvedic Dandruff control treatment


Ayurvedic Facial (Exclusively for ladies)
  • Ayurvedic Basic Facial
  • Navara facial
  • Kumkumadhi Facial
  • Compleion Enhancement Facial
  • Fruit Facial

Our Specials

Eco-friendly Treatment Centre
Ayurvedic Treatment with modern amenities

We Deal

  • Ayurveda Treatment
  • Beauty Care Centre
  • Ayurvedic Body Massage


Ayurvedic Beauty Care Centre Theni

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