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எங்களிடம் பிளைவுட்,நியூவுட்,மைக்கா,PVC டோர்,மரகதவு,கிளாஸ் & ஹார்டுவேர்ஸ் தரமாகவும் விலை குறைவாகவும் கிடைக்கும். மேலும் தங்கள் வீடு,கடை மற்றும் அலுவலகங்களுக்கு தேவையான ரேக் ஒர்க்,கபோடு ஒர்க்,மர டோர்,PVC டோர் பிட்டிங் செய்து பழையவற்றை புதுப்பிக்க மற்றும் அலுமினியம் பார்டிஷன் ஒர்க்,வின்டோ (அலுமினியம்) கொசு வலை அடித்து தர எங்களை அனுகவும்.

Quality Plywoods & Glasses,Hardwares Suppliers


Plywoods Wholesale Dealer Uthamapalayam Theni

Jamal plywoods is a niche supplier for building and construction material in Uthamapalayam Theni District theni district. Jamal plywoods started with a vision to become one of the leading suppliers and dealers of graded quality products in the industry. We offer the highest quality of Glass, Plywood, Flush door, adhesives, sealants, etc. Jamal plywoods over the years has grown to become the favorite dealer and supplier in Uthamapalayam for a wide range of products that are used in applications including infrastructure, House, office architectural and Industrial applications.

தங்கள் வீடு கடை,அலுவலகம் மற்றும் கார்,வேன்,பஸ் அனைத்து வாகனங்களுக்கும் மேட் கால்மிதியடி அமைத்து தரப்படும்.


We Provide Quality Building Material Suppliers
  • Timber
  • Hardware's
  • Plywood's
  • Sunmica
  • Novopan Sheets
  • Asian Paints
  • Tata Sheets
  • AC Sheets
  • M.S.Pipes


We are completely committed to deliver quality products at low prices to our valuable clients. We constantly strive to excel and exceed our client's expectation level by delivering better performance and products. We pursue a single goal of total customer satisfaction through quality products, unmatched service and time delivery.We procure, source and buy premium quality products from the best manufacturers in the industry, and stock our product in highly equipped and safe storehouses. We, at Muruga Timbers & Ambal Traders, believe in sale of quality products, economical pricing, prompt & quick delivery.

Readymade Doors

PVC Doors
  • Modular Bedroom Laft
  • PVC Bathroom Doors
  • PVC Cabinent
  • PVC Door Frames
  • PVC Fancy Doors
  • PVC Flush Doors
  • PVC Kitchen Laft
  • PVC Light Doors
  • PVC Pooja Doors


We Provide Quality Interior Design & Wood Work Contract Service
  • Rack works
  • Renovation Work
  • Wood Work Contract
  • Aluminium Partition
  • Aluminium Window Works
  • False Ceiling Work
  • Mosquito net Installation

Our Special

  • To excel in serving our customers by rendering the products and services of the highest and uncompromising value.
  • To concentrate continuously on delivering customized solutions for our customers.
  • well-built infrastructure to stock the products.
  • our storage space is well protected from weather and natural elements to ensure the safety of the stocks.


6-1,Cumbum Main Road,Uthamapalayam - 625533,Theni District


  • +91 - 9952385339
  • +91 - 9952322191

We Deal

  • Timbers & Hardware's
  • Building Materials
  • Plywood's
  • Design Glass


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