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---- Private Tutorial College ----
Subramaniyar Kovil Backside,Near Daily Vegetable Market,M.Ganesh Complex,Bodinayakanur - 625513,Theni  District.,Tamilnadu
எமது டூட்டோரியல் கல்லூரியில் படிப்பில் ஆர்வமுள்ள நூற்றுக்கணக்கான மாணவ, மாணவிகளுக்கு சிறந்த முறையில் பயிற்சி அளித்து அவர்களை தேர்வில் வெற்றி பெறச் செய்து ஆண்டுதோறும் மேல் வகுப்புகளுக்கு அனுப்பி வருகின்றோம்.எமது கல்வி நிறுவனத்தில் ஒவ்வொரு பாடத்திற்கும் அந்தந்தப் பாடங்களில் சிறப்பு பயிற்சிப் பெற்ற M.A.,B.Ed., M.Sc.,B.Ed., M.Com.,B.Ed., படித்த பேராசிரியர்களைக் கொண்டு பாடங்கள் சிறந்த முறையில் நடத்தப்படுகிறது.ஒவ்வொரு சனிக்கிழமையும் பாடங்களில் பின் தங்கியுள்ள மாணவ, மாணவியருக்காக அந்தந்தப் பாடங்களுக்கு Special Class நடத்துகிறோம்.எங்களிடம் Class Tests, Weakly Tests, Quarterly Exam, Half Yearly Exam மற்றும் Revision போன்ற அனைத்து தேர்வுகளும் தவறாமல் நடத்தப்படுகிறது.

Leading Tutorial College


Jayam Tutorial College Estabilished 1998 V.Mohandoss MA Bed.,Mphil Principal & Correspondent.Well coaching & confident success in my aim.come and join all sllower students for your good success.Now admission going on 8th,10th,+2 private candidates use it soon year by year geting great achievements.
Theni Mullai Periyar Muthamil Mantram has given 3 awards to JTC Principal for the good achievements.
Year by year Gold Medal distribute to the achievement students and encourage them by the principal of JTC.
Other Speciality
Sri Ragavendra Politechnic college theni district authorised admission centre
Contact for your Medical,Engineering,Nursing & other higher studies

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Tutorial College

E.S.L.C : 8TH Qualification 12 1/2 years of study should be completed.Any qualification is accepted.
S.S.L.C : 10TH Qualification 14 1/2 years of study.8 th pass and 9 th fail can immediately join.Even Matric students can attend including state board.
H.Sc : + 2 Qualification16 1/2 years of study Require 10th pass and should have crossed excess of two years.+1 failed or discontinued.

Special Supplementary Exam

Immediate exam conducted after the results of June and July exams. For October students seperate classes would be conducted.
The +2 students subjects are as follows :
Economics/Commerce /Accountacy / Business Maths History / Economics / Commerce / Accountancy.
We Special tuition and Home tuitions classes are undertaken for regular school/college going students and also for distance education (correspondence courses) candidates of all universities.


  • We at Jayam Tutorial College have necessary infrastructure with modern teaching aids and equipments to provide quality education to our students.
  • We are having enough trained and experienced teachers to impart good education.
  • We always adopt new and modern teaching techniques like using Internet and video based training to impart best education.
  • Flexible Class Timings Available.
  • Admission Open For All Classes On All Days.



All the students have been instructed to strictly adhere to the following Rules and Regulations of the Institute to maintain the decorum and reputation of the Institution.
To upkeep the timings of attendance for the classes.
To listen to the classes diligently without disturbing the teachers
Taking leave without the prior permission of the principal or the parents is not allowed.
Debarred from the course if absent for 4 consecutive days without information
Regular remittance of the Course fees monthly within 10th day of every month is a must.

Additional Details


Admission Centre

Sri Raghavendra Politechnic College Authorised Admission Centre
Medical,Enginnering,Politechnic & Nursing Admission Centre

Our Special

  • well experienced staffs.
  • Our institution is located at the prime location of the city.
  • our institution which makes it convenient for all students.

We Deal

  • Tutorial College
  • Training Centre

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